Business blogging: build your editorial calendar with these 4 things in mind

You understand the value of having an editorial calendar for your business blog.

But how the heck do you create one?

Here are four things to consider when determining your content.

1. What day and time?

What are the best time and day to post a blog article?

Google that very question, and all you’ll learn is this: there is no agreement about blogging frequency.

The key is consistency: once you find a day and frequency , you should do your best to stay within that framework.

This is because your readers may come to expect (and even look forward to) your content.

2. What will you write about?

Are there any key milestones coming up—that is, holidays or observances? For example, the end of August or beginning of September is a good time to write and post an article that ties something related to your business with going back to school.

Maybe you’ve got a business milestone on the horizon: for example, a corporate anniversary or the anniversary of a successful product launch.

Or, if you plan to attend any events in the near future, consider writing about its theme – particularly how it relates to your business product, service or approach to servicing customers. Double-bonus: if you’re presenting at the event, give a sneak preview of the topic of your talk. And don’t forget to include your booth number!

Meanwhile, consider dedicating at least one post every 1-2 weeks on a regular topic that demonstrates your different areas of expertise.

3. Who will write each article?

Will you write every article? Or will you hire someone to “ghost write” on your behalf?

You can also consider spreading the responsibility around your team – this allows for a variety of different topics and points of view.

Or consider asking industry experts to appear as guest writers on occasion. If they have a strong following, their articles can bring a new audience to your blog. That’s just one of many business benefits you can reap by bringing on guest bloggers.

4. What structure will your article take?

Will your blog post include how-to tips? Will it take the structure of a personal anecdote? Or a top-10 list? Or a book or conference review?

Aim for a balance every month. And by trying your hand at different structures, you may find what you most enjoy writing – as well as what your visitors most enjoy reading.

Happy blogging! 

Lindsey McCaffrey is an Ottawa-based freelance web and social media copywriter, blogger and content strategist. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn, call me at 613-290-0239, or email me at