My Approach

I’m not just a writer; I’m also a strategist.

When you hire me, you get much more than words: you get compelling and strategic content, customized for your:

1. I get to know your business and communication needs.

I will meet with you to:

  • learn how your business operates
  • ask about your competitors
  • identify the problem you are trying to fix

2. I learn about your target audience(s).

I will ask you to identify:

  • demographics of your audience(s)
  • any key sensitivities your target audience(s) may have
  • how your product or service meets the needs of your audiences
  • any contact history – i.e., are we targeting new prospects, those who have been contacted previously, or current customers or clients?
  • previous methods of communication (whether print, online, email, social media or other) – which ones have been most effective?

Essentially, I want to identify the smartest, most strategic and sensible way to reach out to them.

3. I work with your team, and any external suppliers.

My services don’t stop at writing content. In addition, I will coordinate logistics with the right people to create the final product, including:

  • graphic designers
  • web teams
  • translators
  • printing companies