Thou shalt subscribe: 11 marketing-communications resources you need to follow

Looking for the path to enlightenment?

Then, thou must subscribe to these marketing-communications websites.

My fave professional go-to resources are well-written, informative and entertaining.

Best of all, each website is chock-full of applicable tips to help you improve your knowledge and know-how.

Check them out!

1. /

Created by Mark Ragan, these are two fantastic resources for anyone looking to improve their marketing-communications knowledge and know-how. I also recommend this to students and newbies at the start of their careers.

2. Cat’s Eye Writer

Judy Dunn is an expert blogger who shares her craft, showing us “common folk” how best to educate, engage and entertain online readers.

3. Copyblogger

Brian Clark and his team share their expertise in a variety of online marketing issues. Make sure to sign up for their free 10-step tutorial, Copywriting 101: Your Guide to Effective Copy.  Also check out Content Marketing 101: How to Build Your Business With Content.  Fabulous, helpful and effective tips!

4. Make A Living Writing

Carol Tice is ultra-committed to her readers: she shares all she knows to help would-be freelancers make money and maintain a writing business. Articles include tips on writing query letters, and finding and approaching potential clients.

5. For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report

I do a lot of long-distance driving, and this one-hour weekly podcast is the one thing I look forward to before a long trip. Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson discuss international news and how it applies to PR, online communications and technology. Download it free from the website or iTunes.

6. For Bloggers, By Bloggers

Need suggestions for how to blog? What to blog? How to structure your posts? Expert bloggers share tips to improve your blogging prowess and readership. Plus, a weekly writing boost, 10 Free Topics to Help You Get Your Blog On.

7. Men with Pens

This Canadian web-design firm’s website is chock-full of articles to help improve freelancers’ blogging, writing and general communications skills. An interesting tidbit: the founder of Men With Pens is a woman…named James!

8. Heidi Cohen

I came across this marketing expert’s website only recently, but Heidi has already made a huge impact on my blogging skills. She provides more than 500 suggestions in three articles alone! Check them out, here, here and here.

9. Marketing Profs

To clarify, “Profs” refers to professionals, not professors. This website offers how-to articles, case studies and other insights on issues related to all things marketing: brand management, segmentation, e-marketing and the like.

10. Marketing Pilgrim

Get the latest news, rumors and reviews on internet marketing and online advertising including channels, search engine optimization (SEO), inbound marketing and reputation.

11. Problogger

While this website focuses a lot on monetization tactics, it also offers tons of tips to improve the way you blog, from writing and design, to using social media to promote your blog.

Now…get enlightened! Subscribe to all of these guys.

Lindsey McCaffrey is an Ottawa-based freelance web and social media copywriter, blogger and content strategist. Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn, call me at 613-290-0239, or email me at